Bethany Chapel Toronto Articles The “Well- Done Statement” At The Final Evaluation

The “Well- Done Statement” At The Final Evaluation

Well Done

Dr. George Samuel, Tiruvalla, Kerala

(Indebted to my friend K.J. Joseph for some of the insights he shared)

The world around us made us to believe that the style, the form, of living is of more value than the content and substance in a person. We know that the style is decided by the beauty technicians and fashion designers. In fact, we write a statement through our appearances. The way of life and life-style express 'who we are' and 'what for we live.' It speaks volumes through expensive communication modes, branded garments, houses, modern gadgets, giving statements on fashions, luxury, power, interest, importance etc. As time ticks on, styles keep on changing. The style is demanding our time, life, sweat and blood. The style and fashion influence the church and even the worship pattern. The worldly style of us should give way to the godly way to fulfil the plan of God. Paul adopted a simple life style but used the secular fabric to reach the unreached.

Of course, a particular style can be to fulfil the function for which people are called, and could be so different, say like one to serve in the palace (Daniel) and the other to serve in the pavements (Ezekiel). Substance is what truly matters. The sum and substance of our life is to live the Great Commandment, as well as the Great Commission in our generation. What matters is to finish what God started, and He will evaluate our life as to whether we do it in His ways. God makes our life of immense value as we remain faithful to our call and commission. When Apostle Paul challenged us to step out and follow his example, what we are asked in modelling him is not perfection, but growth. The messenger becomes the message to see the truth in action. Worldly modelling brings in money, fame etc. but godly modelling brings the “well done” statement when we arrive in God's presence before the judgement seat. It depends on “what we value in life,” “who we want to please,” and “what for we should live.”

Fellowship (koinonia) is a mark of the Kingdom. In fact, we want the fellowship of the Kingdom to be the fellowship of the people all over (among the people living on this planet!). Fellowship is nothing but shared life. In our fellowship with God's Son Jesus Christ (Col.1:9), He will never give up on us. We notice in 1 John 1:7 the fellowship with others who walk in the light. We have a responsibility to encourage and exhort one another until we reach the destination, building each other up. We all need someone to hold us together, weep with us, to stand and walk that extra mile till we are out of any desperation. We need to extend our warmth in their inabilities to see the truth.

In sharing the truth, our responsibility is to motivate people to read scriptures and absorb the divine truth, instead of manipulating and marketing. People are looking for the kingdom people to walk along and talk with them, as we notice in Luke 24:47. Let our walk and talk be truthful and transparent. Objectives and out-look may continue to change; but the basic truth of the unchanging Master who rules over us, and the moral laws that govern the universe are not changing. We understand from Ps.71: 18-19 that God has a purpose in keeping us live. “ your strength unto this generation, and your power to everyone that is to come,” or to get out the news of the power of God to the world to come. People of God were given the instructions in Deut. 11:19-20, i. To teach, or show by life example, ii. To talk, or to tell them stories of faith, and iii. Inscribe, or to imprint to internalize by recording and repeating (i.e. inscribe them on the door post and gates of cities). In Isaiah 49:2-6 we notice “I am setting you up as a light for the nations so that salvation becomes global.”

The kingdom people need to have the nature and willingness to appreciate others. One should not be a miser in appreciating and encouraging others. The kingdom life is not a lonely walk, rather we are a community of God's people. We need to accept, and inspire each other. Despite our busy schedule, speak words and do works that will cheer someone (Pro. 25: 11). Remember to cry with those who weep and comfort them (2 Cor. 1:4). Find joy in others' happiness and accomplishments. Be ready to forgive others who have wronged us, and love them unconditionally.

What carries weight of glory is not the number of years we live, but the life lived for fulfilling what God has planned for us. In the event of sacrifice for the cause of Christ, be willing to obey rather than live long in disobedience. After all, there need not be any thrill in living long in disobedience, aspiring to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of this world. If life is short and what we do for Jesus only that matters during the final evaluation, let us rearrange our priorities to please the Master.

We cannot fathom the grace and glory of God. Bible is the account of God's glory and grace extended to fallen man though Jesus Christ. Since the “Fall,” mankind is destined and doomed for death and decay. God on throne invites man to avail the grace of God. We can choose what we want and reap the consequences. The personal freedom of choice is never taken away. We can choose our final destiny (Rev.22:10-11). Also God's uniqueness and characteristics, as we read in this book of Revelation is awesome and mind-blowing!

We better try to answer for the following questions: How best my time and energy could be spent? How I could be a worthy vessel to participate in this rich and rewarding relationship with God?

Bible ends with God on the Throne, and grace of God extended to all who heed His call (Rev.22:21). Matt.6:14- 15: In prayer, there is a connection between 'what God does' and 'what we do.' The actual reality of the kingdom life consists of “forgiveness and wishing the whole world well,” no matter how grim it may look. There is an unchanging king and unshakable kingdom that has unfailing forgiveness, love, and justice. Let us participate in this divine destiny, and extend God's grace and peace to others. We may have struggle to forgive and love others. We can ask God to help us to throw God's justice and truth toward others as we seek to understand Him.

Dr. George Samuel

About the Author:

Dr. George Samuel, a Bible teacher was formerly a scientist in Mumbai and Los Angeles. He currently resides in Tiruvalla, Kerala.

This article appeared in the August 2018 publication of Harvest Times.


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