July 2021


Official Newsletter of Bethany Chapel Toronto

SUNDAY Schedule

Sunday Services (Vacation Schedule)

9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Remembrance Meeting
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
Family Bible Hour
From 11th July, all meetings will be in the church, GOD willing.

Speaking Assignments for July 2021

July 4
Shibu Baburaj [Zoom Platform]
July 11
Jonsy Abraham
July 18
Abel Thomas
July 25
Sajan Samuel
From 11th July, all meetings will be in the church, GOD willing.

Weekly Schedule

Bethany Prayer Meeting

8 PM

Monthly Schedule

Elders and Deacons Meeting

Sunday, 11 July
5 PM

Prayer Matters


  • Lets thank God for granting Sheril a good job
  • Lets thank God for granting Benji a job
  • Praise God for Noel (Dallas) Healing. Pray for complete recovery (Edision Hilltop cousin)
  • For safety and protection from the pandemic so far

Young Couples

  • Wedding of Blesson & Nisha, date to be announced
  • Abel and Julia - for Julia to join us soon
  • Joash and Neha, Neha paperwork

Grieving Families

  • Family of Evg TJ Joseph ( Valsamma sister of Punnose Uncle )
  • Family of Evg. K.V. John
  • Family of Bro. Varghese George (Ronnie – 56 years)
  • Family of Sis. Betsy Benny
  • Family of Br. Joy Pappalil Valakom
  • Family of Bro. Paulraj, please pray for strength for his wife Mrs. Amruta and 5 year old daughter, Celesta.
  • Family of Evg. Sinoj, who lost both his parents and brother to COVID
  • Family of Evangelist D Jacob, Mandya
  • Kids of Rakesh Nikham who are orphans (Ahmednagar)
  • Family from Karamadai Brethren Assembly - Coimbatore, both parents passed away, leaving behind two very young children.
  • Evg Job Das family ( Hyderabad). Wife passed away.
  • Evg Larsen family ( Punjab), wife Sharda passed away
  • Evg O.M. Thomas passed away (Rajasthan). Pray for family
  • Family of Bro. Shalu T Ninan
  • Family of Sis. Shoshamma K.K. (Leelamma aunty’s mother)
  • Family of Sis. Lisy Wilson ( Shibi & Peter aunt)
  • Family of Bro. Shibu (Singer) - daughter Hannah passed away.
  • Family of Bro. Libin Biju - (22 yrs old) Idukki
  • PC Baby & family, Delhi whose son Johnson passed away
  • Please pray for Charles Abraham and his mother
  • Grieving widows, Sis. Jomol - Texas, Sis. Sunita Sunder Ghumare, Sis. Jayamol - Kottayam, Sis. Jinu Johnson - Sharjah, Sis. Gifty Daniel, Sis. Ishwari - Bhilai, Sis. Prema - Bhilai


  • Ebg. PG John is recovering from surgery
  • Evg. Stanly Sam (Secunderabad) and family who are recovering from Covid
  • Bro. Joseph Punnoose is undergoing tests, please continue to pray for uncle, aunty and Jerry.
  • Evg. Sinoj from Chakarapuzha and ministering in Varapuzha
  • Please pray for Sis. Valsamma Joseph (Alwar) as she is in a very critical condition
  • Sisil (Jason's cousin from trichur) broke his lower back, in hospital now, recovery will take some time,
  • Bro. Joy Muringathery’s mother with cancer and COVID, wife has COVID/Pneumonia
  • Baby Josiah, son of Aby and Juby (Doha) has undergone major heart surgery - Juby has been diagnosed with cancer
  • Sis. Sharmini, recovering from Shingles through physiotherapy
  • Shivia - Hilltop - son who have been diagnosed with Autism
  • Please continue to pray for Bro. Reji Paul
  • For the health and safety of the senior uncles and aunties of our assembly


  • Aleeza & Joshin

Cancer Healing

  • Bro. Jaison Thomas, Dallas - Stage 3 Cancer
  • Bro. George Mattackal - Low Grade Fibromyxoid Sarcoma
  • Sis. Mariamma, wife of Evg. Babu (Erode) currently in Edmonton - Lymphoma
  • Bro. Lenin, lung cancer (Hilltop)
  • Sis Siji Varghese (Jaimon's cousin), cancer surgery healing and further chemo process.
  • Sis Jancy - Thrissur, scheduled for surgery on April 30th
  • A couple - James and Annie also from Thrissur, are both suffering from cancer
  • For Bro. Basal George Samuel, Doha
  • Anuj’s aunt (mom’s sister)
  • Molly James - Jonsy's aunt - Pune
  • Mariama - Shibu's Aunt
  • Darian - brain tumor
  • Zainy James, Vapi Assembly, cancer has recurred and spreading all over
  • All our other brothers and sisters who are battling cancer and other illnesses


  • For the spiritual growth of our church youth.
  • Please continue to pray for Charles and his friends, that they will know Christ personally
  • For the health and safety of our aging parents at home
  • For safety from COVID especially for our Frontline workers in Brampton
  • Sunday School and Youth ministry
  • People who have lost their jobs and seeking job

Blessedness of Brokenness

Shibu Baburaj

Psalms 34:18 The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit.

What does it mean to be broken? In Psalm 34, David speaks of a broken heart, not a broken spirit. When Jesus died on the cross, His bones and His spirit were not broken, but His body and His heart were, for our sins. Gethsemane preceded and prepared the way to Calvary. Jesus laid down His will for the Father’s will at Gethsemane before He laid down His life at Calvary for the sins of the world. This speaks of the principle of brokenness as the key to burden-bearing and cross-bearing. The way to Calvary’s love is through Gethsemane’s surrender.

Brokenness means an utter relinquishing of ourselves to God – our wills, our rights, our burdens, our entire self

When we are thus broken, God can begin to work through us unimpaired and uncontaminated by self. In denying self, we are saying to the Lord that He can have His way with us and through us – “not my will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42). Brokenness is the only channel through which the love of God can flow vicariously and victoriously.