Bethany Chapel Toronto Articles Your ordinary life becomes adventurous!!!

Your ordinary life becomes adventurous!!!

Sany J Abraham

When our routines become routine, boredom ensues. Moses had been tending sheep for 40 years. He practiced the same daily routine for 40 years, and Moses might have probably felt like God has put him out to pasture. Moses must have thought he would tend sheep until the day he died. He might have literally felt unqualified and disqualified. But, God took him back to Egypt and made him confront Pharaoh. He had no idea that he would reveal the glory of Israel’s God through 10 miracles. He had no idea he would be the one who, after 400 years of captivity, would lead the people of Israel out of Egypt and toward the Promised Land.

But one day: One day God showed up.

I don’t think a shepherd named David knew he would become a king or an orphan named Esther knew she would become a queen and if Elisha knew that he would become a prophet.

The invasion of God can change everything in a moment just like he invaded Moses’ life. When you are in a relationship with Jesus, all bets are off. You never know what you’re going to do, where you’re going to go, or who you’re going to meet.

You never know when or where or how God is going to invade the reality of your life and turn it inside out and upside down in a single moment. It’s better to stop painting a prettier picture of our own life and wait for God to complete our painting. He takes care of the past to invite us into the future, so that we can realize the potential he has given us and truly live the spiritual adventure.

“Boredom is the root of all evil.” There shouldn’t be announcing of boredom in our lives. Disrupt your routine to think new thoughts. Celebrate for who God is and whatever He is doing right now in your life. Enjoy the journey of your life instead of getting too frustrated or discouraged with your routine life. Ask God to give you emotional energy to think about a spiritual adventure. God will change your ordinary life into adventurous one which he intended it to be. God will make some small changes in our lives that would make a huge difference in our routines.

Be of good cheer and look forward for what God has in store for you.

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